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Mental Overload by AmunRay Chill Wine Tumbler

Mental Overload by AmunRay Chill Wine Tumbler

SKU: 13323514089968002384

Introducing the Mental Overload collection brand by AmunRay. This brand was created with heavy influences in mind, such as lgbt lives and mental health, hence the title 'Mental Overload'.  The art for this new brand is meant to stir emotions, good or bad. The art alojewill start a conversation, while also putting you in what might be uncomfortable territory, if you're an introvert like AmunRay and prefer not to talk to people (just kidding).  ; )  

They say wine is the secret to a long, happy life. This custom wine tumbler helps you enjoy your favorite wines at the perfect temperature. Its double-insulated walls help retain your drinks soothingly hot or refreshingly cold, while the stainless steel, stemless design makes for incredible durability and ease of use.

.: Material: 18/8 food grade stainless steel
.: One size: 12oz (0.35 l)
.: Seamless vacuum-insulated double-wall construction
.: Clear, BPA-free press-on lid with slide closure
.: Keeps liquids cold for 24 hours & hot for 12 hours
.: Horizontal stipple print texture
.: NB! Colors on the product might appear less bright than on the mockup, for higher color fidelity we recommend oversaturating your colors or overall image.
.: NB! Hand wash only

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