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Mental Overload by AmunRay.Blackwater Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

Mental Overload by AmunRay.Blackwater Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

SKU: 73042225167980488737

Introducing the Mental Overload collection brand by AmunRay. This brand was created with heavy influences in mind, such as lgbt lives and mental health, hence the title 'Mental Overload'.  The art for this new brand is meant to stir emotions, good or bad. The art alojewill start a conversation, while also putting you in what might be uncomfortable territory, if you're an introvert like AmunRay and prefer not to talk to people (just kidding).  ; )  
Add your soundtrack to any adventure with the Blackwater Bluetooth outdoor speakers. This IPX6-certified waterproof speaker takes any hiking trip head-on. Its compact size along with the included carabiner clip & micro USB charging cable, make it the ideal companion for listening to your favorite tunes while exploring. Bluetooth working range - 33 ft, 2 hours of music at max volume.

.: Compact size
.: Built-in microphone and music controls
.: Carabiner clip included
.: IPX6 Water Resistant
.: NB! Small text and graphics may not render properly due to the holes in the speaker grill

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