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Story of An Artist


Mark Twain

Amun Ray is a young black multi-platform artist with a stronger focus on visual arts. He was raised within the arts and from a young age he was either painting a picture, writing a story or poem, or on stage performing. For Amun Ray, the arts have always been therapeutic, helping him make sense of the surrounding world. His talents have lead to one of the greatest accomplishments of his life, designing a community park in Wilkinsburg. Overall the arts have always been in his life in one way or another Ray has spent most of his life dealing with both physical and mental health issues, in addition to bullying. Even though he has been painting and drawing from a young age, it wasn’t until 10 did he truly use art-making as expression and an escape. Ray is a Creative consultant/ artivist for 1hood Media, and teaching artist at Boom Concepts and Assemble. Ray pulls inspiration from social justice issues, his experiences growing up, and from different astrologies and mythological creatures. Ray’s works are an expression of his messages and ideas the way they come to him in his mind.


"Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear"

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Pittsburgh, PA

(412) 457- 6345

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